Fernão (fernanb) wrote in gay_in_cali,

To those who support NO ON 8

I know those of us who support NO on 8 are heartbroken over how things played out last night. I think it is time to "hit them where it hurts" and stop doing business with businesses who contributed to YES on 8. We tried to play it nice, but the other side did not play nice at all, and now we have legislated bigotry in California. People from other countries come to California to escape inequality. The list of businesses is long, so you will have to look through a lot of them to see if you happen to do business with any of them.

http://www. californiansagainsthate. com/dishonorRoll. html

"Terry Caster, the owner of A-1 Storage, a self-storage company based in San Diego, said he received a few phone calls a day that petered out after several weeks, and his business wasn't affected.

"To tell a business owner that they can't express their beliefs on an issue is a really stupid thing," said Mr.
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